This truly is a year of Awakening, offering us an unprecedented opportunity to raise our consciousness to an entirely new level and to discover just how powerful we truly are!

We start our 9th Journey to Freedom Course on the 16 AUGUST 2021.

We invite you to join us for the first week of our Journey absolutely free, where we will explore LIFE VISION.

Journey with us Free for a Week

  • What is your Life Vision?
  • What do you really, really, really want?
  • Who are you?
  • What does freedom mean to you?
  • 2 x 90 minute Zoom Calls
  • 1 x meditation
  • 1 x guided visualisation
  • Life Vision Journal
  • Creative project

Journey with us for 13 Weeks

  • Journey with us and a supportive community of like-minded souls
  • Liberate yourself from unconscious, redundant and exhausting mental patterns
  • Clear the blockages you carry to love, peace, abundance and the joy of life
  • Come home to the truth of who your really are
  • Integrate into your daily life, the knowledge from your head, with the wisdom of you heart.
  • Reveal your true purpose and get that which you really, really want

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 This has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It integrated all my own pieces of knowledge accumulated through my life into a deep understanding of myself and life.

It doesn’t seem real that one can experience such amazing shifts in 13 weeks that I know will never leave me, my roots are now deep, I stand strong and remember who I am.

Thank you for the gentle way you guide each one of us to peel the layers one by one to uncover our own truth.


Here’s what you can look forward to:


John and Michelle come together with you LIVE on ZOOM every MONDAY from 7pm to 8:30pm (GMT+2)  to discuss the theme, offering: 

Practical tools and guidance about the week’s theme

  • Wisdom teachings
  • Insight into any relevant astrological alignments where appropriate
  • Question & Answer Coaching sessions
  • Opening & closing guided Meditations
  • A video replay which will be available on your membership portal afterwards, should you miss the live call


  • A downloadable meditation each week
  • A weekly affirmation card
  • Recommended activities & processes to deepen your journey that week
  • Creative exercises
  • Online Journal including:
    •  An intention and commitment for the week
    • Exploratory questions around the theme
    • A check-in on your progress at the end of the week
    • Links to inspirational teachings across the globe


As a full 13 week Journeys to Freedom member, you  will be invited to join us in a Private Whatsapp Group which will offer:

  • Zoom Call reminders and notifications regarding the release of weekly Course Material
  • Community sharing and support
  • Additional Inspirations
  • Weekly meditations will be posted here for ease of access
  • Should you not wish to participate on the group,  you will still receive all the other membership benefits.  Everybody will receive notifications on Zoom calls and Course material by email as well.

Each week we will explore a different theme

What people are saying

This 13 week course is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You can’t go wrong. It is helping me to discover parts of myself, which my own facilitation of theses topics have not managed to access in 25 years!

It’s affordable and I love the flow. It’s presented in manageable, daily bite size pieces… Well structured… Easy to follow… professionally presented and the content is rich and relevant.

Thank you  John and Michelle for for offering this much needed magic to the world in 2020!


The course could not have happened at a better time in my life I have had lots of shifts. Almost every week there has been something I have discovered about myself . I discovered deeply entrenched patterns not ever visible to me before within myself. I have taken all the years of spiritual  searching from my mind and moved it all to my heart.

I am so grateful to you John and Michelle for the love, wisdom and profound teachings you have shared with us. To sum it up, I have found my point of power in the present moment .


I have definitely made a new and welcomed paradigm shift and life seems so much more positive for me. I now say “Thank you” to the Universe! I have a greater understanding of acceptance and abundance and welcome these whole heartedly into my life. This has freed me up to become more of myself and to integrate more self love into my life.

I have learnt so many wonderful tools from you both, spiritual sense and once again I thank YOU BOTH for your time, dedication and sharing so much of yourselves with us all.


Travel with us!

Email us if you would like to travel with us completely FREE for the first week, or for the full 13 Week Journey

More about your Guides


Michelle McClunan  is an Astrologer/ Coach, Process Art Facilitator and uses a  multi-faceted approach to help people understand and accept themselves, navigate their lives and rediscover their true purpose and potential.  She has written a fortnightly newsletter for the last 12 years, where she provides practical tools to assist people in navigating and optimising the current planetary energies. Michelle has a gift for meeting clients exactly where they are, gently guiding them through what they are going through, without judgement.

Michelle has been working as a counselling astrologer/ coach for the past 17 years and has run hundreds of workshops, where she assists people to shift old patterns of thought or behaviour that block them from living rich and fulfilling lives.




John is an Inspirational Teacher, Life Coach and Speaker, with a passion for sharing the wisdom he has learnt through years of self-reflection, study and life-experience. His greatest joy is in helping others to see their lives from a higher and broader perspective, and feel the joy contained within the present moment.

His insightful wisdom teaching will help to clear your mind & soul of its emotional & mental ‘stuckness’ and move into FLOW.

John has a real gift in conveying large, sometimes difficult subjects in a way that is easily understood and integrated . For more than 20 years, John has inspired many with his radio and TV talks, as well as interactive seminars, workshops and retreats in the private and corporate sector. 



You have changed my life from a paralyzing fear of Cancer and despair, to hope, and that hope has been transported to Meaning, Love, Gratitude, Self -discovery and Forgiveness. 

I highly recommend you guys and intend to share the treasure ‘of you’ to the world. You guided me, and you show all those souls travelling with you, the way.  I have met the most wonderful people on this path, as you hold everybody’s hands, giving abundantly and radiating warmth unconditionally” 


“Thank you John and Michelle. Thank you for all your wisdom, caring and love. You both have been my anchor during this lock-down. Your calling and what you do with so much love and compassion, just makes me stand in awe… I have learnt so much… the best place I could have ever been.  Thank you





“I must say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing course.   I have done so many courses, I cannot even count them anymore.   I have grown exponentially in the past eleven weeks.   My insights have deepened and my feelings of love and compassion have just burst forth like fireworks on Chinese New Year – my relationship with my husband has deepened so much and my forgiveness towards myself and my mother has led to so much inner healing and compassion for her and where she comes from”


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